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Toita Women's College

Address : 2-21-17, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0014
Telephone : 03 3452 4161
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Toita Women's College is a private Japanese educational institution located in Tokyo.

Established in 1902, the Mita campus is located in the heart of Tokyo, not far from Tokyo Tower. This location offers students easy access to a wealth of cultural, career and recreational activities in the cosmopolitan city of Tokyo.
The campus was rebuilt in 1998, providing modern and comfortable classrooms and lecture halls, library facilities, and up-to-date multi-media and computer rooms.

Five major railway lines offer easy access to the campus:
JR Yamanote Line (Tamachi Station); Keihin-Tohoku Line (Tamachi Station)
Mita Line (Mita or Shiba-Koen Station); Asakusa Line (Mita Station)
Oedo Line (Akabane Station)
MITA Campus Roof Garden Library
Computer Laboratory A corridor face to cafeteria Cafeteria
The student gathers from all areas of Japan.

Toita Women's College consists of three major departments. Each department integrates studies in one particular focus area, with a wide variety of general studies and liberal arts courses offered to students in all departments.

The Department of Fashion Design, Arts & Crafts
The Department of Food & Nutrition
The Department of International Communication & Culture
The Department of Fashion Design, Arts & Crafts

The Department of Fashion Design, Arts & Crafts teaches students how to transform their creative ideas into reality, from concept through layout to final application and production.
Career-oriented courses, practical seminars, and internship programs on fashion marketing & merchandizing are also a prominent part of the syllabus.

Concentrations & Fields of Study:
Apparel Design and Creation
Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
Pattern & Color Coordination
Fashion & Art Design and Application
Computer-Assisted Fashion Design and Application (CAD)
Fine Arts
Interior Design
Craft Arts and Technology
Graphic Arts
Japanese Traditional Arts & Crafts (Kimono)
(Career-related Seminars & Internships in many areas)

The Department of Food & Nutrition

The Department of Food & Nutrition gives students knowledge, skills and techniques for nutritionists, dieticians, and other career-oriented individuals with an interest in food science, food preparation, and professional food presentation and decorative display.

Concentrations & Fields of Study:
Food & Life Sciences
(Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy & related fields)
Food Service Administration
(for schools, hospitals, companies, and the service industry)
Food Specialist
(for working in the mass media, marketing, or service industry)
Food Stylist
(includes food presentation, decorative display, menu planning)
Food Hygiene and Public Health
Training in Nursing Care and as a Care-Giver
Modern & Traditional Food Preservation Methods
Basic to Advance Food Preparation
Practicum in Japanese as well as International Cuisine
Computer & Internet Skills
(Career-related Seminars & Internships in many areas)

The Department of International Communication & Culture

The goal of the Department International Communication & Culture is to offer students a well-rounded education with a wide range of courses in English, Business, Information Technology, World Culture, and the liberal arts.

Concentrations & Fields of Study
English Communicative, Reading & Composition Skills
Business English & Secretarial Skills
Practical Business & Office Guidance and Training
Studies in Information Technology
(includes a wide range of theoretical and practical courses in computer and Internet skills)
Studies in Language & Culture
English & American Literature
Women’s Studies
(focusing on the history of feminism and women writers - with emphasis on black women writers)
Cross-Cultural Communication & Understanding
Teacher Training & Practicum in ESL for primary school students
Internet English & Commuter-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Studies in Korean, Ameriacan, Austrarian, and Italian Language & Culture
Preparatory Courses for entering a university in Japan
Preparatory Courses for studying abroad
TOEFL, TOEIC preparation class
(Career-related Seminars & Internships in many areas)

General Studies and Liberal Arts

A wide range of general studies and liberal arts courses are offered to all Toita students. Classes include studies in:

Carrier Study
Practical Communication
Health, Sports & Fitness
Computer Science
Library Science
Literature & Arts
Life Sciences
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